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The concept for the facilities and site of the Har-Ber Museum Village is to create space for museum visitors, Grove citizens, and members of the local community to become closer to each other through dividing up the land into smaller plots for sale, infrastructure for access to the site, lighted and elegant design to welcome guests and residents to the site, and lastly a reserve for the museum to find a new home.


The museum area is centered on the main facility for the Har-Ber Museum Village with new display, gallery, and conference areas with all the complementary outdoor recreation spaces, relocated historical buildings, trails, plazas, and a lake and forest frontage adjacent.  In the history of the site, the majority of the Museum Village existed towards the western end of the peninsula it finds itself on.  With good reason, as this offers clear access to the lake and great views.  We aim to maintain that history. This museum with greater site amenities creates a home base for the daily user of the park.  Here they will be able to partake and observe all the amenities that the museum offers.  They will be able to prepare for cultural events, have birthdays, and simply take refuge from a hot summer sun.  The museum  is also perched on top of a hill and has a slight overview of the lake that will make it a multi-tiered space for seeing others and being seen.  This facility will be the last to greet visitors as they pull into the site with it’s many relocated historic buildings, equipment, trails and educational stations. 

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