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Petersburg, Alaska

Petersburg Medical Center (PMC) has been a cornerstone of the Petersburg community for more than 100 years. It is a vital part of the community — providing critical medical services to the region and, in its capacity as a major employer, adding significant benefits to the local economy. Though the facility has been well maintained and benefitted from small improvements over the years, the bulk of the hospital is now 25 to 55 years old. Much of the aging infrastructure is in need of evaluation and replacement.


Investing in the longevity of PMC's facility and services will secure its central role in the region's community health and wellness for years to come. Throughout the master plan process, our team has worked closely with the core stakeholder team to communicate the hospital’s values and ambitions, as well as the specific needs of all departments and services. As the project moves forward into design and construction, priority will be placed on safeguarding the continuity of principles and vision identified in the master plan.

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