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Las Vegas, Nevada

The state-of-the-art UFC Performance Institute, which shares a campus with the organization’s Corporate Headquarters, is focused on enhancing athletes’ training, fitness, and overall well-being. The lower level of the Institute includes a history center showcasing the evolution of the sport and path of UFC, a gym featuring free-weights and a sprint trick and opens out to an outdoor workout area in the campus’ central courtyard. Hot and cold plunge pools feature a spa-like atmosphere, and a hydro-work pool allows for running in water. Cryotherapy and hypoxic training spaces offer further unique training capabilities. A physiotherapy office provides a location for sports medicine professionals to provide care. On the upper level, a full-size UFC fighting octagon accompanies mats and punching bags in a flexible training space. A media center provides infrastructure for broadcasts and press events, including a 60-seat auditorium that looks out onto the octagon, keeping the focus of the facility’s diverse functions trained on its athletes.  

 Lead by ERA Team Members

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